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Europe's high price and a special light culture, aiding LED lighting industry to take off

Europe overall lighting market is relatively mature, but its high price and special light culture, making commercial lighting and outdoor architectural lighting applications situational demand for LED continually increase. In 2012, the European LED lighting market has exceeded $ 3 billion.At the same time, affected by the comprehensive ban incandescent bulb policy, the market growth rate is expected to rise substantially, it is expected that in 2015 the European LED lighting industry will reach Us $10 billion, from 2011 to 2015 the compound annual growth rate is expected to reach 49%, will become the next rapid growth of the mature LED lighting market after Japan.

European high-price policy and special light culture is an important factor to promote its rapid development of LED industry.High price for LED lighting popularization is a good element. For example, a 7 watt LED bulb which can replace a traditional 40-watt incandescent bulb, if it points 8 hours per day, and calculates as EU-27 price, one LED bulb will save $2 than traditional incandescent monthly, higher power consumption of outdoor lighting or commercial lighting will be able to save more money. Europe's light culture focus on creating a light environment, rather than simply to emphasize the kind of lamps or brightness level. In Lyon, France, for example, the government take some budget every year in light construction and organized Festival of Lights, the establishment of an international urban lighting joint households (LUCI), The lights and the urban culture fuses in together, both tourism and economic benefits.

So different kinds of LED in Europe is welcomed in the future, we will see a lighting prospect in LED producing.