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The development of LED industry in the world

LED lighting is the next generation of lighting products trend.On the one hand, long service life, high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption characteristics, the LED lighting lamp has the incomparable advantage of traditional lighting lamps and lanterns;On the other hand, LED industry conforms to the current national energy saving, creating a consistent policy of "green carbon" life.As an emerging industry, LED has formed a complete industrial chain of global distribution.

In the past two years, energy issue has be payed attention to constantly, the rapid rise of LED lighting market.By the promoting of the world's major countries' policy, significantly improve the LED luminous efficiency, the overall design of lighting trends to mature, and affected by the LED lighting price will decline in the space of 20% to 30%  in a year and other factors, LED lighting penetration rate is expected to improve continually.From low-power LED replacing lights for residential use, to the full range of high-power LED lighting equipment for commercial and industrial use, various LED lighting application demand is soaring.Predicted that 2015 global LED lighting market will reach $ 21.7 billion, and is expected to drive the power supply to 40 million units sold in 2016 scale, output value reached $ 10 billion.

In 2010, Asia has become a major production base of LED, Japan, South Korea and China's overall market share reached 81.3%. In Asian countries, South Korea's fastest growing, investment in the development of LED industry in 2002, in 2009 to create the LED backlight LCD TV market, in order to ensure grain source, positive expansion to make 2010 market share approach10%. With strong quality and technical development capabilities, Japan ranking leadership position in the global LED industry, from 2000 to 2005 reached more than 50% market share. In 2006 to 2010, affected by Taiwan economies of scale and low-cost strategy, coupled with China and South Korea actively take over the market, its global market share fell to 41.5 percent. For China, the Taiwan market share between 2003 and 2006 were maintained at about 20%, growing year by year after that, until 2010 reached 25.3%. China continued to grow slightly, in 2010, the market share is only 5 %. South Korea and China's mainland continually growth in the context of the global LED industry, Asia will become the lead of LED industry.It is estimated that in 2012 global high-brightness LED market value growth rate will be 13.4%, the scale reached $ 10.1 billion, Japan, Korea, China Taiwan high-brightness LED market share will reach 61.3%. Only by grasping the overall development of the LED industry in Asia, we can better grasp the global LED industry development context.