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How to save the lighting cost for the personal living and company expenses
With the lighting demands becoming higher and higher, the lighting cost is getting much more. Thus there are many topics talking about how to reduce the lighting cost. Here Yicai will like to share some knowledge with you.

What is the right answer for the hot topic? Is it to limit the time for using lights? Is it to reduce the luminance of lights? Is it to lower the visual effect and lower the cost of lights? Or is it to find a maintenance worker who need a lower service charge?

The answers are NO, NO, NO, NO. To reduce the lighting cost, choosing a right light is the key, is the right answer. And which kind of lights are the right lights?--Yicai Lighting LED LIGHTS, which can really solve your problem to lower your lighting cost for your house and your company.

Following are the advantages of LED high bay from Yicai Lighting
1. 45MIL Bridgelux LED chip/Osram/CREE LED
2. Fin heatsink,fantastic heat transmission
3. CE, RoHs, SAA,C-TICK certificated,TUV is applying
4. Thearmal grease conductivity:5.0
5. 3.0 Thickness Aluminium PCB:conductivity 3.0(for osram and CREE SMD ones)
6. Meanwell HLG series driver,IP68
7. High bay light waterproof rating:IP65
8. Red copper substrate in fin heatsink for COB LED high bay light
9. 5 years in warranty
10. Different plug and different length of wires available
11. High quality with a competitive price advantage.

More lights choices and information, welcome to ask me freely.