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light sensors enable compelling displays
To serve in mobile applications, the sensors must work in very bright environments and the new Taos products are designed for use in full sunlight at levels to 60,000 lx and beyond. “Mobile device vendors are continually striving to deliver more compelling products with an improved user experience; therefore, they demand ALS and proximity detection solutions capable of operating in a very wide range of lighting conditions,” said Jerry Koontz, TAOS Director of Marketing.
Taos uses programmable signal-gain modes, including a reduced-gain mode, to boost the dynamic range of the light sensors. Meanwhile the company boosted the signal-to-noise performance and added crosstalk-compensation technology to deliver more-accurate proximity detection. Both sensor types can be used sporadically while remaining in sleep mode much of the time to minimize power consumption – especially important in any battery-powered application.

The sensors work with any type of light source including fluorescent and at virtually any lighting level. Moreover the dual-diode architecture can provide accurate results even when mounted behind glass that can distort the spectrum.